Dirty lens sunset surf photos , massive coconuts and a language lesson.

So we headed down to another nearby beach for the sunset today.  Echo beach, is just north of what i’d call ‘our regular beach’. The tide was high and the waves were crashing against the rock plateau that we had to walk across. The waves were exploding only a couple of metres away. There were high pitched screams. It was fun.

We made it to one of the beach shack bars where our friend was proudly waiting for us, with the biggest and coldest coconut you ever did see. He would later strike a deal with Made, the owner, resulting in a bar tab of 14 coconuts. I think we know where to find him from now on.

As the tide was in, it meant that the surfers were closer too. I’d been meaning to bring my camera down the past couple of times so it was great that the waves were on.

There was a thick cloud about an inch tall along the horizon. It gave the whole place a surreal feel as it muted the direct sunlight. The waves were forming these perfect darkened pits as they turned their backs on the sun’s light.. Half enticing with their geometry and procession, half terrifying with their shadowed blackness. Although a couple of willing bodies made it into these caves, no one was currently exiting them standing up.

There was a dog played wildly in the shorebreak. They took a couple of waves somewhat heroically on the head. And above all, they did not let go of that coconut.

After the sun went down we met Made, fresh and happy from his new Coconut trade in. He was getting a brand new pair of sunnies. It was a Win Win situation. Using english as a bridge we talked balinese and indonesian. For now, I have decided to keep all my indonesian in my left hand and all my balinese in my right. Yes, Literally.  That’s how I’m going to it.  For now there’s not much in either, but it certainly keeps growing.  Did you know only one syllable seprates a coconut from your face. These subtleties really illuminated our conversation.

Complexitities presented themselves as we moved from objects and commands into the world of concepts .  It really didn’t matter how many times I mimed ‘forgetting something’, it was time for google translate. A quick ‘ahhhhhaaa!’ and we were back on track once more.

Happily accepting that not everything gets done at once, it was pleasant to consider the usefulness and beauty of recreating these coconut sunset tri-languge conversations.

Approaching our return toward the rocky plateau, there was now only a sparsity of spotlights providing illumination. The sea held all the cards. Divided between the contours of the plateau and the absence of any noise coming from the sea, I reached for the torch on my phone. It was then, as I mixed the fleeting surge of safety from this beam of light with the  hush of silence perhaps forecluding an impending wave of doom, that I confidently stood straight into a huge rock pool. And this time, it was definitely me who let out the high pitched squeal.



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