Kicking things off with a photographic stroll around the garden mixed in with a bit of local info.

Welcome to the first post of the JenderBenderWorldWide blog. Here are a couple of photos from around the garden at our current home. It’s definitely full of life. Just earlier a Weevil was being held aloft and paraded down the patio by an army of ants!


We have 8 kitchen geckos who hang out on the ceiling and make little croaking noises at each other. (That’s when they are not being hassled by some inch long bee thing!) There’s 2 bigger lizards (blatently getting it on) who live up one of the roof columns. They are around a foot long and have tiny tails. We’re keeping an eye on their regrowth. Then there’s ‘Tiny’, a mega cute super teeny lizard who lives on the wall above our bedroom. He’s about 2 inches long. Go on, do it with your fingers, it’s tiny!!!


‘Petit’ lives across the road. We haven’t seen him the past few days but for about a week he’s been consistently coming and getting some street love off of us. He/she is the smallest cat we have ever seen. I would say if you think about a guinea pig on stilts then that’s pretty accurate.


It rains a lot here. Nearly daily and when it rains it wants you to know about it. There’s been less thunderstorms since we first arrived, but it still loves a chuck down. It’s funny because everything is so outdoorsy. Ponchos are the way forward. As for water loving animals. Holy moly! Frogs are everywhere! We have two that live in  our kitchen underneath our hob. They often make me jump when I turn the corner and see them!


We had a cockroach in our bathroom for a bit. We got him in a tub and put him out into the garden. We think he prefers it out there because he hasnt’ been back. If you see him, his name is Franz.

High Pitched Screams from ‘Les Frenchies’

Last night the french girls renting the other room let out some seriously impressive high pitched screams. Not one to be a curtain twitcher I timidly tapped on their window enquiring everything was alright. Apparently not. A spider was mentioned and a fist was shown (to equate size) and a broom was pointed at the corner. A quick broom joust of the curtain followed by a flash of something whizzing out the backside of the sliding doors was all that followed. Thank God. That was that. Oh, and they found another one today. I can only say that I hope I never meet one of these ‘furry friends’ personally.


Ballz the Monkey

Ballz the monkey is getting along just fine. There’s even a bakery up the road that uses banana flour. It will be his birthday treat in February.


Indo Lingo

We are fortunate to have some fairly regular contact with some lovely locals. Aside from ordering food in cafes and bargaining for local prices at the fruit and veg markets we get to practice some indo lingo daily with Dewi (which means goddess). She comes round with her daughters nearly every day. You can see Cinta, her 3 year old starring in some of our photos.

A maid and a gardener.

Yep we’ve got a maid. And a gardner. They come with the house. I’ll write more on  this later, but for now lets just say it is great to be able to provide employment. Made (that’s his name) the gardener has got his work cut out. When we arrived we were like ‘What is he going to do for 3 days a week?’ Well, these plants are pretty hell bent on shedding most of their leaves daily only to pump some new ones out. Seriously, check the photos. Some of the leaves are bigger than my top half!

That’s it for now, more to come and don’t be shy with the messages. Big love to you all wherever you are.

JenderBender XXX











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